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Where Is EmpathyWorks in the Hype Cycle?

Short answer: At the beginning of the cycle, known as the Technology Trigger.

Long answer: The Gartner Hype Cycle applies to all new technology. has a nice summary of the Hype Cycle. Regarding the Technology Trigger stage that site says "In this stage, a technology is conceptualized. There may be prototypes but there are often no functional products or market studies. The potential spurs media interest and sometimes proof-of-concept demonstrations."

Here is a video from Gartner that describes the complete Hype Cycle:

Our job at EmpathyWorks is to drive the technology through the remaining steps in the Hype Cycle:

  • Peak of Inflated Expectations

  • Trough of Disillusionment

  • Slope of Enlightenment

  • Plateau of Productivity

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