• Mike Slinn

Run To Where the Ball Will Be, Not Where It Is Right Now

Artificial intelligence is evolving very quickly. Only 10 years ago business did not use machine learning, and now it is common. As businesses become familiar with any new technology the limitations of that technology become apparent. Machine learning has limitations also:

  • Although patterns can be recognized, those types of systems cannot indicate how conclusions are reached.

  • Relationships between people and groups cannot be recognized or responded to.

  • Machine learning systems are passive: they only recognize and cannot synthesize or extrapolate

Right now we are starting the process of productizing our work on EmpathyWorks, transforming it from the software prototypes into a platform that integrates with modern business software. The first step in that process is to engage with prospective customers. The topics of discussion will focus on business issues regarding the problems that will be faced when applying AI starting in late 2020 and onwards.

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