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Funded Studies - Is Your Organization a Candidate?

EmpathyWorks will go far beyond what today's machine learning technology can provide, including modeling individual behavior, modeling interactions within and between groups, and providing explanations for conclusions.

We've been speaking with psychologists and AI experts for decades, thinking hard, and we've prototyped our next-generation AI ideas in the software lab. Now it is time to talk to prospective customers so product can be designed that delivers on the promise of this new technology.

Our plan is to engage with 5 prospective customers in each of 4 markets (20 customers in all), and perform phased funded studies. The markets under consideration are:

  • Video games

  • Computer animated movies

  • Virtual worlds

  • Avatars and chatbots

Phase 1: Listen - Visit each customer on site in strict confidence, and discuss the issues they must surmount when employing machine learning, as well as the issues they expect to encounter over the next 2 years.

Phase 2: Recommend - Our findings for each customer will be summarized in a report, and the material will be presented and discussed, along with an anonymized summary of aggregated findings.

Phase 3: Early Access - After Phase 2 customers will decide if they would like to join our early access program, which will give them access to prerelease EmpathyWorks product as it develops. During this phase, customers will have priority access to our product managers to further voice their evolving needs in response to the EmpathyWorks product as it matures.

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