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Hybrid Machine Learning / Simulation Platform

“Towards an Event-Based Simulation/ML Hybrid Platform”

Montréal Machine Learning Mini-Conference
October 23, 2019

Abstract: Machine learning systems have become the dominant form of AI for enterprises due in large part to years of experimentation with combinations of technical approaches. Today's ML systems are unlike traditional software systems in that algorithms are not used to procedurally specify how systems learn to recognize patterns from input. On the other hand, simulation systems have traditionally been highly procedural, which is good for understanding how a result was obtained, but 'learning' is not normally expected. Mike Slinn will discuss a hybrid approach under consideration based on work he started in 2008.

Bio: Companies that Mike Slinn cofounded, led and advised have been sold to IBM, Otsuka, Microsoft, Yahoo! and NBC Interactive. A recognized software expert in US and European courts, Mike opines on contractual and patent disputes. Mike received an Electronics Engineering degree in 1979 from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Slides are here.