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Next-Generation AI

  • Declarative – the Personality Rule Language (PRL™) defines the model declaratively.
  • Live reloading – the EmpathyWorks meta-model can be updated while the system is running without loss of data.
  • Flexible – the model can define arbitrary species and individuals, behavioral characteristics, environment and relationships.
  • Device Independent – a companion AI application informs EmpathyWorks of events and EmpathyWorks simulates the response of the personalities.
  • Time sensitive – simulated personalities respond to the passage of time.
  • Scalable – Could model the entire world’s population.

EmpathyWorks Supports

  • Multi-generational inheritance – Personality traits can be inherited from parents.
  • Event types – Responses to life-changing events are defined separately from mundane events and environmental events.
  • Societal modeling – Relationships between individuals can be defined.
  • Shared events – one artificial personality’s life events can affect the other personalities with which it has relationships with.
  • Predator/prey relationships – Behaviors corresponding to hunting and being hunted are supported.
  • Decision making – An application can query an artificial personality for its opinions as to which of several choices to make.
  • Life stages – Artificial personalities can grow up to mature individuals, mature, become old and die.
  • Emotional information – An artificial personality’s internal state can be queried for display.