EmpathyWorks is a next-generation artificial intelligence platform for simulating and predicting the behavior of individuals and groups.


Machine learning is the best-known form artificial intelligence, and has proven itself to be of tremendous value to business. Machine learning can be trained to recognize patterns, for example to view photographs of skin and identify cancer with high accuracy, or to listen to trains as they roll by and identify the rolling stock that needs maintenance just by listening.


However, machine learning has significant limitations:

  1. Although patterns can be recognized, those types of systems cannot indicate how conclusions are reached.

  2. Relationships between people and groups cannot be recognized or responded to.

  3. Machine learning systems are passive: they only recognize and cannot synthesize or extrapolate.

EmpathyWorks uses an entirely different technology to overcome those limitations, and is designed to augment machine learning systems as well as to integrate into IT infrastructure.

Who: Team

The founder, Michael Slinn, has been considering this problem for over 40 years. He began writing the first experimental code for EmpathyWorks in 2007. Companies that Mr. Slinn cofounded, led and advised have been sold to IBM, Otsuka, Microsoft, Yahoo! and NBC Interactive. A recognized software expert in US and European courts, Mike opines on contractual and patent disputes. Mike received an Electronics Engineering degree in 1979 from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Employees, including software technologists, will be hired from the top down. Although Mr. Slinn will provide technical input and product guidance, the team will own the responsibility for developing product. As founder, Mr. Slinn will focus on customers, hiring, and investor relations.

Mr. Slinn still lives in Silicon Valley and will initially keep his US green card so he can visit prospective customers in the world's largest market, the USA. He will work in Canada up to 49% of the time for the first 18 months, and then transition permanently to living in Montréal.

​​​Who: Customer

We will initially target companies with a history of leading-edge technology adoption in the fields of video games, computer animated movies, virtual worlds, and avatars. All of these use cases have one thing in common: the need for artificially generated behavior, produced in such a way that characters are believable.

After a few years of generating behavior for artificial or virtual beings, subsequent use cases will feature a more ambitious goal: predicting people's behavior.


EmpathyWorks will be based in Montréal, Québec, Canada because:

  1. Montréal is fast becoming a world-renowned center for machine learning, and the talent pool is growing quickly.

  2. The founder, Mike Slinn, was born in Montréal, and after 23 years in Silicon Valley he wants to go back to the only place that feels like home to him.

  3. Costs of running a business in Montréal, Québec and Canada are relatively inexpensive compared to other candidate cities elsewhere in the world.

  4. The world's largest market is just across the border.

  5. Significant government support is available.


Now! Mr. Slinn is currently in Montréal until November 11, 2019. During this visit his mission is to meet with early stage investors to raise $100,000. Stretch goal: raise $250,000. Funding from US investors will be secured if these goals are not met in time from Canadian investors. This financing will support:

  • Retaining legal and financial professionals

  • Incorporation

  • Retain a US and a Canadian public relations expert

  • Begin to solidify the path towards engaging with early customers

  • Identify potential speaking engagements at industry events, and begin delivering those presentations

  • Hire an assistant on a contractual basis

  • Secure additional funding

Make This Part of Your Legacy

If you are an accredited investor, we invite you to join the select group of early stage investors. Mike Slinn would be happy to meet with you in person. His coordinates are:

Mobile: 650-678-2285



Tel: 650-678-2285

Montréal & Silicon Valley

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